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Leading hospitality companies turn to Galleon Advisors to help them achieve their most ambitious performance objectives. Our approach is designed to achieve lasting improvements. We work onsite to bolster your team's horsepower and achieve previously untapped performance levels.

With a collective 65 years of experience designing and installing operational improvement solutions, Galleon's founders have assembled a team of experts that share their passion for the hospitality industry and who each bring unique perspectives to our engagements.

At Galleon Advisors, we are very proud of the successes created with our clients, but are even more appreciative of the long-standing partnerships that have been formed across the globe.

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Working side-by-side to enhance performance.

As owners, asset managers and operators, you have unique objectives for your portfolios. Our experience allows us to create programs that drive performance improvement at any stage of your asset’s lifecycle and across critical elements of its value chain, while enhancing guest and employee experience.


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Why Choose Galleon Advisors?

Because you are in control.


Three Simple Steps. 

We work with you to design an appealing custom approach based on the needs and timelines of your organization. 

Desktop Review

The first step is to understand your business priorities and determine the nature & size of the existing opportunity. The review is fast yet comprehensive, requiring little participation from your team. By submitting a limited data set, we will provide you with a preliminary summary of the improvement levels and key potential strategies.
You will be excited to learn about the possibilities.

Opportunity Assessment

The second step is to introduce our approach & methodology and to meet your team onsite. While the cost and timeframe of the assessment is minimal, its importance is high. We use this period to refine improvement levels and design with you what the business case & timelines for a custom Improvement Program would look like.
You will be encouraged by the degree of collaboration.

Improvement Program

The third step is the most exciting. We work with your leaders to identify gaps, duplication and overlaps, hindering your service performance & profitability. Our output is not just findings, we implement solutions alongside your team to ensure success is realized, achievement is sustained and knowledge is transferred.
You will be impressed with the change that takes place.

Let's Get Started.


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